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Grand Opening: The Go-To Place On HIV And Aging

In the US the HIV population is aging. By 2015 half of the over 1.4 million people infected with HIV will be age 50 and older. Each day 80 more people become part of this older adult group. And, 1 in every 6 new HIV diagnoses occurs in the age 50 and older population. This graying of the epidemic is mostly a result of effective HIV treatment (ART). This intersection of HIV and Aging requires a shift in how optimal care is provided. This positive trend reflects the reality of HIV taking its place with other chronic diseases many of which are typically associated with older age and often, presenting as multi-morbidity. The challenge is to deliver needed treatment information for HIV specialists, who increasingly must provide more comprehensive care. Similarly primary care staffs are absorbing many HIV-infected older adults as medical care systems change. This site will focus on informing the busy clinician with up-to-date information that will lead to optimal clinical outcomes and quality of life for the older adult with HIV.

The AAHIVM, ACRIA, and AGS with the support of the ARCHSTONE Foundation have joined their cumulative expertise to create this “GO-TO-PLACE” to address the challenges of managing the health of the older adult with HIV. The HIV-Age site is divided into sections that will change as new postings are added. Each “Editorial” will provide will reflect the evolving science that may impact clinical care decisions. The “Spotlight” will showcase important events including summary reports from meetings, topics highlighted by media, or recent journal articles. Another section will feature appropriate case studies. We encourage submission from readers of this site. These cases will come from you, the site readers. With this format it is hoped that we will generate a number of comments and dialogue regarding the care management of older adults with HIV. Two years ago, the AAHIVM, ACRIA, and AGS collaborated with a panel of experts in HIV Medicine and Geriatrics to prepare a guide of “Recommended Strategies” that could be used by clinicians. This guide is often referred to as the Consensus Document.

This over 70 page document known as the Consensus Project was summarized and published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 60(5): 974-979 (2012). There is insufficient numbers of case studies to generate standards of care for this population. But the expert panel assembled represented two medical disciplines which have much to learn from each other (HIV Treatment and Geriatrics). The updated Consensus Document is part of this web site under the tab “Clinical Recommendations”. The recently updated chapters are listed there with the word ‘UPDATED’ in the link. Under “Journal Articles” the site has aimed at providing a listing of the increasing number of relevant published reports on HIV and Aging, highlighting those by providing the full abstract that might be of clinical interest. Finally, we will regularly post information about conferences, trainings etc. that are pertinent to the issue of HIV and Aging.

This website has been designed to encourage interactions. At the end of each section there is opportunity to provide comments and feedback. We hope that a series of dialogues emerge that will lead to better health outcomes for the older adult with HIV. Anyone interesting in this issue is invited to access the site and to provide comments. The effort is inclusive.

The Editors

Purpose of this Program: The AAHIVM, ACRIA and AGS (collectively, the “Sponsors,” “we” or “us”) are sponsors of this Website and through it seek to address the unique needs and challenges that older adults of diverse populations living with HIV face as they age. However, the information in this Website is not meant to supplant the advice provided in a doctor-patient relationship.

General Disclaimer: HIV-Age.org is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice or professional services. The information provided through HIV-Age.org should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, consult your health care provider.



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