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Optimizing Care for People Aging with HIV


For a number of years HRSA has sponsored the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. The funding has focused on HIV management, specifically achieving sustained viral load suppression.  It has been very successful by not only addressing medical issues but also “Wraparound Services” such as  housing, nutrition, case management etc.  As the population served has aged, HRSA recognized the need to provide more information regards clinical care and all supportive services including mental health. HIV treating clinicians now spend the majority of their time focusing on the management of multimorbidities which are largely not the result of HIV infection.

HRSA has posted a “Reference Guide for Aging with HIV”. In particular the HRSA document significantly draws attention to a foundation of geriatric principles that can assist in providing better care for the aging adult with HIV. That section is entitled  Geriatric Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Care. “It is a health care approach involving physicians, nurses, medical case managers, occupational therapists, social workers, and others to manage the care of people aging with HIV. Together, the health care team establishes patient-centered goals by addressing the domains of medical problems, cognitive and functional abilities, psychiatric disorders, and social circumstances and maximizes the use of community resources and referrals”.

The guide is very well done. It should be useful as you more and more frequently manage the health of persons living with HIV and aging. 

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