Body Composition, Especially Abdominal Obesity, Is Associated With Frailty In Older Men with HIV

  • Sep 25, 18

About 400 men with and without HIV, median age 60 years, participating in a sub-study of the MACS (Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study), were evaluated for body composition (waist circumference, abdominal visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue, sarcop

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Assessing Frailty and Functional Capacity

  • May 17, 14

Overlapping geriatric syndromes such as “frailty”, “disability”, “multimorbidity”, and “polypharmacy” require adaptation for those aging with HIV infection to account for the ongoing role of HIV infection and its treatment in modifying the aging process. Several complementary approaches to the measurement of frailty have evolved within the geriatric literature and these have been variably applied among those aging with HIV. The approach most often employed in the HIV literature, uses a triad of wasting, slowing, and weakness and is characterized by the frailty phenotype and the frailty related phenotype (Desquilbet et al, 2011; Fried et al., 2001). Another approach focuses on cumulative deficits across multiple physiologic systems (Clegg et al., 2013), but it requires 30 separate measures and has been deemed less feasible for routine care. Rockwood et al have proposed a reduction in the number of measures from 30 to 10. Some have suggested that a single measure of function, such as grip strength or the six minute walk test, might serve.

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